Accounting Clerk - September 2019
Length: 1 year
In this program, students learn the knowledge and procedures to offer quality bookkeeping services: preparation of financial statements and problem solving skills. At the end of the program, students will have acquired the necessary skills allowing them to maintain both manual and computerized financial records. Furthermore, they will have an excellent working knowledge of most software applications regularly used in an office: Word, Excel and Access. Students graduate from the program with the essential technical skills necessary to actively participate as a contributing member of the workforce in the field. Simulation projects are an integral part of the program and service to reinforce the skills learned.

Bilingual Administrative Assistant - September 2019
Length: 1 year
This practical program combines learning software applications used in an office environment: Word, Excel and Access, with the skills and office procedures needed to provide quality administrative support for variety of employers.

Job possibilities are numerous as many businesses in the private sector as well as government department regularly seek to hire well-trained bilingual staff. During their training, students complete various projects that foster attention to quality.

Early Childhood Assistant
1 course in January 2019
Length: 1 year

Early Childhood Educator - September 2019
Length: 2 years
The first 5 years of a person's life is vital in their overall development, and early childhood educators have the opportunity to positively influence the lives of our community's children and families. This program prepares students to work as educators in French and bilingual early childhood centres, family resource centres, recreation programs, etc. Students will develop the necessary teamwork and communication skills to work in collaboration with their colleagues, supervisor and parents. They will also learn appropriate techniques for observation; planning aged-appropriate learning activities; animating and guidance strategies, etc. with the goal of meeting the individual needs of each child.

A provincial certificate is available to those who receive credits on ten specific courses and complete a practicum.

Human Services - September 2019
Length: 2 years
This program prepares students for front-line work improving access to educational and community services for children and adolescents with a disability, such as learning difficulties, difficulties in adaptation to the classroom and/or society, intellectual deficiencies or developmental delays and sensory handicaps (related to sensory organs) or for youth with behavioural problems.

Practical Nursing - September 2020
Length: 2 years
This program prepares students to acquire the knowledge and skills to provide nursing care to a varied clientele. During the two years of training, theory courses, lab exercises and clinical practicums allow students to learn the care techniques used in institutions. This program prepares students to write the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination.

Resident Care Worker - September 2019
Length: 1 year
The Resident Care Worker program prepares students to acquire the knowledge and master the techniques needed to provide long-term healthcare services in a facility, at home or in an acute care environment.

Resident Care Workers provide, with compassion and respect for human dignity, high-quality care that safely meets the needs of clients and their families.

Youth Worker - September 2019
Length: 2 years
This intensive program prepares and motivates students for a career as a youth worker serving a wide variety of at-risk youth. The program prepares students to identify and meet the social and emotional needs of young people. They will work with youth at all levels of development and their family, assisting with education and rehabilitation. In their second year of study, students will be trained in life coaching and will mentor a young person in an individual situation.
The workplace practicum is a major component of training for workers with youth in difficulty, providing intensive, supervised practical experience where students can develop the skills they need to assist youth.

Collège de l'Île specializes in French second language training. It offers four different programs to individuals and groups who want to learn to speak French. Here is a brief description of these programs.

In the classroom
Collège de l'Île offers evening courses in conversational French. The program includes four beginner levels, four intermediate levels and advanced courses. They are taught using a combination of experiential and communicative approaches that provide a highly interesting language learning experience. A different theme is studied at each level, so learners explore a variety of communication experiences. Courses are held in Charlottetown, Summerside, Montague and Deblois. A more detailed description is available on our website:

The Pour l'amour du français second language program gives learners the skills they need to communicate in French at work and in everyday situations. The program combines self-directed learning based on online modules with tutoring services available through Skype or by telephone.

French language oral proficiency maintenance
This customized classroom course combines informal conversation, a review of certain points of grammar and class presentations. It's designed for those who are already fairly fluent in French.

French tutoring
Collège de l'Île offers flexible tutoring services customized to each individual client's needs and schedule.


Customized Training
Collège de l'Île offers entrepreneurs, community organizations and individuals customized training services, programs and courses in French. These are designed to meet specific needs and can be provided anywhere in Prince Edward Island's six Acadian and Francophone regions. For more details on Continuing Education, click here.

Part-Time Training
Collège de l'Île offers part-time courses and workshops every semester. Most courses are offered during the day as part of the regular class schedule, but some courses or workshops may be offered in the evening to better meet the needs of clients, particularly childhood education courses and French classes. For more details on Part-Time Training, click here.

Basic Education
For adults who want to go back to school.

Collège de l'Île offers general adult education, which allows any adult to:
  • receive a Prince Edward Island Grade 12 diploma;
  • prepare for the General Educational Development Test (GED);
  • learn to read, write and calculate better;
  • prepare to enrol in a college program.

Learning to read and write

Collège de l'Île offers a service to help Francophone adults on the Island with their French. The goal is to help adults function in everyday situations that require reading and writing. Our students receive help with learning from qualified tutors.

For more details on adult education, click here.