C’est à l’occasion de l’assemblée générale de l’Association des collèges et universités de la francophonie canadienne (ACUFC) que Bintou Traoré - étudiante au programme services à la personne au Collège de l’Île - a reçu la bourse nationale d’excellence offerte par le Consortium national de santé en français (CNFS). Le Collège est membre de l’ACUFC et du CNFS.

Lire le communiqué du CNFS : Onze futurs professionnels francophones de la santé honorés pour leur engagement

Par la remise annuelle de bourses d’une valeur de 1 500 $ chacune, le CNFS encourage les étudiantes et les étudiants des programmes qu’il soutient à poursuivre leurs études en français et à faire carrière en santé au bénéfice du mieux-être des communautés francophones en situation minoritaire.

Bintou Traoré 1 juin 2019

Wellington, June 26, 2019
- The new Prince Edward Island government’s budget provides Collège de l’Île with a net increase of $5,800 in its operating funding.

The provincial government calculated this 2% increase on only part of the Collège’s funding, the share from the provincial government. In comparison, the consumer price index increased 2.3%, as the Minister of Finance indicated in her budget paper on the economy. This $5,800 is equivalent to the tuition fees paid by one student in the Licensed Practical Nursing program at Collège de l’Île for a single academic year.

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Warm welcome to our summer staff 🌞 and to a provincial government staff member who is with us for a French immersion workplace experience. Happy to have you among us! 🎉 

#tonaccesausucces #readywhenyouare

Employées dété juin2019 crop

Left to right: summer staff members Héraldine, Bianca and Vanelle; French immersion workplace participant Maigan. Missing from the photo: Mame, who is also a summer staff member.

Check it out 🎥

Current Collège de l'Île students share the reasons why they chose their particular program. Merci Mario, Vanelle, Breannah et Annie-Pier 👋

On March 16, Collège de l’Île received the Award of Excellence from the Chambre de commerce acadienne et francophone de l’Î.-P.-É. (PEI Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce) for its impact on the community.

The Collège is… dozens of engaged employees, passionate college instructors, competent sessional instructors, motivated second language instructors, hundreds of graduates and alumni who contribute to the vitality of their communities, thousands of second language students who share and spread the love of the French language and thousands of customized training participants who contribute to the growth of their organizations!

Donald DesRoches, president, accepted the award on behalf of past and current Collège de l’Île staff.

Excellence CCAFLIPE 3
Left to right: Award of Excellence sponsor Mike Bradley (The Cooperators), Donald DesRoches, Collège de l'Île president and Martin Marcoux, RDÉE Î.-P.-É. president.

Wellington, March 8, 2019 - "Full and free participation by women in society is essential to the development of all our communities, small and large alike. Even though Canada is one of the best countries in the world, and in spite of the protections found in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, too often women are unable to contribute fully to society. Customs and traditions from a less egalitarian time have to evolve. I’m calling here for a paradigm shift. Our ways of doing things are often designed from a male point of view. Ensuring social progress is not just women’s work. Men have an important role to play. We have to accept that how we do things — in assessing the relative importance of housework, in our intimate relationships or in our political actions – often leave room for improvement. Our society does not take full advantage of women’s potential contribution. Let’s use International Women’s Day as an opportunity to do better, for women and for all of us."

Donald DesRoches, President, Collège de l'Île

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⭐️ Great meeting with Ricky Hitchcock, volunteer coordinator for the 2019 World Acadian Congress and members of the student assocation!

This international event is upon us. If you would like to volunteer, check out the World Acadian Congress website for additional information.,



CMA 2019 1
Left to right: Ricky Hitchcock (2019 World Acadian Congress), Jaryd Burt (president of the student association), Heraldine Porret, Vanelle Tchokotcheu. Absent from photo: Mame Faty Sarr.

Time to register for fall 2019 programs!

Register by February 28, 2019, and be entered in a contest to win a $2,000 tuition credit!

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Collège de l'Île students and staff took part in this year's Bell Let's Talk awareness campaign. For two weeks, we shared ways of helping, daily quotes, videos and games, in connection with mental health. This was capped off with a joint activity in both campuses (Wellington and Charlottetown) during which participants enjoyed a healthy snack, took part in a workshop about stress management and an active-learning activity to demonstrate the importance of physical fitness to good mental health.

Hats off to all those who participated in the activities!

Bell cause 2019 1

Bell cause 2019 8

Wellington, January 14, 2019 – Healthcare professionals in Prince Edward Island now have new opportunities to hone their French language skills at five healthcare facilities in the province.

Café de Paris is a voluntary drop-in language support service offered on location at Maplewood Manor, Community Hospital O’Leary, Prince County Hospital, Beach Grove Home and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Staff at these facilities can make an appointment with a tutor to review specific language questions or to simply drop in to engage in conversation to help develop, or maintain, their French language speaking skills.

Café de Paris 1

(Photo: Patricia Richard, PEI French Language Health Network and Sonia Archambault, tutor with Collège de l'Île)

“This drop-in model was successfully piloted last year in three locations,” said Élise Arsenault, Executive Director of the PEI French Language Health Network. “We are pleased to expand on this initial offering through our partnership with the PEI Public Service Commission and Collège de l’Île, PEI’s French language community college.”

Mental health matters and Collège de l'Île is thrilled to join over 200 university and college campuses in every province and territory who are making plans for #BellLetsTalk Day 2019 on January 30!

For more information on the 2019 campaign: https://letstalk.bell.ca/en/news/1177/students-at-hundreds-of-canadian-universities-and-colleges-leading-the-mental-health-conversation-with-bell-lets-talk

C'est le retour en classe aujourd'hui pour les étudiant.e.s du niveau collégial... Bonne session d'hiver !

Back to class today for college students... Have a great semester!

Words to live by: "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." - Helen Keller

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Bonne et heureuse année! Le personnel du Collège est de retour et les étudiant.e.s le seront eux la semaine prochaine!

Happy New Year! College staff are back and we look forward to the students being back next week!

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