SUMMERSIDE, PEI - June 21, 2013 – During graduation ceremonies at the Centre-Belle-Alliance in Summerside, Collège de l'Île presented college certificates and diplomas for the year 2012-2013. The theme of the event was Un diplôme en main, un avenir pour demain (A diploma today, a future for tomorrow).

The following diplomas and certificate were awarded:

Diploma – Bilingual Administrative Assistant program:
  • Julie Arsenault
  • Caroline Reid
  • Kathlene Smallman

Diploma – Early Childhood Education program:
  • Melanie Chaisson

Diploma - Human Services Intervention program (option Youth Worker)
  • Donna Arsenault-Rogers
  • Atara Yuill

Diploma - Licensed Practical Nurse program:
  • Paula Arsenault
  • Kathy Richard
  • Brittany Savoie

Diploma - Business Administration:
  • Joël Bernard
  • Darien Wilson

Certificate - Accounting Clerk program:
  • Kathlyn Richard

At the same ceremony, Collège de l'Île awarded the Governor General's Medal and the President's Award to Joël Bernard. Merit Awards were presented to the two graduates, Paula Arsenault (Licensed Practical Nurse) and Joël Bernard (Business Administration), who showed the greatest improvement during their two-year program.

The Determination Award was presented to Nola Richard, who obtained her GED.

The administration and teaching staff of Collège de l'Île wants to congratulate all the graduates and prize-winners and to wish them success in their future plans. The Collège also wishes to take the opportunity to thank the sponsors of the Merit Awards: the Caisse populaire Évangéline-Central and the Club Richelieu Évangéline.