WELLINGTON, PEI, October 1, 2015 – At its June meeting, the Board of Directors of Collège de l'Île approved the reappointment of Donald DesRoches as President of the Collège for another three years. The news was made public at the Collège's Annual General Meeting on September 21, 2015.

Donald"Mr. DesRoches has an excellent understanding of the strategic issues of importance to the Collège. He can both discuss strategies on a theoretical level and work to actively implement his conclusions. He is very professional and shows good judgement. The Collège has made great progress under his leadership, and we are delighted that he has agreed to stay on as President for the next three years," said Sue LeMaistre, Chair of the Board of Directors of Collège de l'Île

The Collège has undergone many changes during Mr. DesRoches' first mandate. The results of the President's performance review using a "360o" style assessment carried out last spring among employees, partners and members of the Board of Directors confirm that stakeholders value the means used to achieve the positive results of the past few years, agree that the work should be continued and they are optimistic about the Collège's future.

Mr. DesRoches said that he is enthusiastic about renewing his mandate and will be concentrating mainly on implementing the new 2015-2018 strategic plan. "The new strategic plan sets a promising direction and an assured future for the Collège. I foresee a fruitful period of development. With continued support from the staff and the Board of Directors, students at the Collège will be able to realize their potential and benefit from increased access to French-language services in the province."

Mr. DesRoches, who was first appointed in September 2011, has succeeded in attaining financial surpluses for three consecutive years and creating a reserve fund. Moreover, in recent years the Collège has been able to diversify its student body. More and more graduates of immersion programs, immigrants and recent high school graduates are complimenting the Collège's traditional clientele, adult Francophones.

Collège de l'Île is the only postsecondary French-language institution in Prince Edward Island. With three learning centres in DeBlois, Wellington and Charlottetown, the College offers regular programs, customized training and training based on labour market needs. It offers a stimulating, student-focused learning environment that uses cutting-edge technology.


Photo: Donald DesRoches

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