Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, October 23, 2015 -- Provincial funding has been approved, through Workforce and Advanced Learning, to assist in the development of an enhanced collaboration between Collège de l'Île and Holland College, which will include a significant on-campus presence for Collège de l'Île on the Prince of Wales campus in Charlottetown.

The Province will contribute $400,000 to Holland College to renovate a building on the campus to be occupied by Collège de l'Île. The building to be renovated is located at 295-297 KentPostsecfunding Street in Charlottetown. In addition, the Province will also contribute $75,000 for new video-conference equipment, a new language lab in Wellington, and other technology requirements for Collège de l'Île.

"We are pleased to support the collaboration of our Island's post secondary institutions," said Workforce and Advanced Learning Minister Richard Brown. "By providing this funding, we are contributing to the expansion and access of post secondary education in French to our Island students, so that they can pursue education and training in English and French without having to leave Prince Edward Island. This initiative will also improve the capacity to educate and train students for careers in French in PEI, particularly in areas such as health and education."

Collège de l'Île's main teaching facility is located in Wellington with satellite offices in Charlottetown and Deblois. It is recognized as the only publicly-funded French-language, post secondary institution in the Province. Currently, it does not have a significant presence in Queens County, where the majority (60%) of French Immersion students reside.

"Collège de l'Île's presence on the Prince of Wales campus will significantly elevate our profile in Charlottetown, and allow us to better respond to the interests of French immersion and French school graduates who wish to continue post-secondary studies in French in Charlottetown. This location will increase exchanges between the students of the two colleges and allow both to benefit from Holland College's infrastructure," said Collège de l'Île President Donald DesRoches.

Holland College President Dr. Brian McMillan agreed.

"This exciting and unique partnership will enable students to take full advantage of the high-quality programming, services, and facilities of both Holland College and Collège de l'Île. We look forward to welcoming Collège de l'Île to our Prince of Wales Campus," said McMillan.

Collège de l'Île's presence on the Prince of Wales Campus will be established by the fall of 2016.