WELLINGTON, PEI, March 16, 2016 – “I chose the Early Childhood Educator program because I’m passionate about the first years of childhood and I’m positive that they have a major influence on a person’s future,” explained Mélanie Beauparlant, a part-time student in the Early Childhood Educator program at Collège de l'Île

The Early Childhood Educator program prepares students to work as educators in early childhood centres. Students in the program gain the skills they need to work more closely with their colleagues and the parents. They learn appropriate techniques for observing children and recognizing problems liable to limit their development. They also learn how to plan and lead educational activities that foster children’s smooth overall development, as well as to meet children’s needs on a number of levels: diet, hygiene, safe environment and sleep. Those who obtain credits in a group of ten courses and carry out an internship receive provincial certification.

Mélanie is very appreciative of the instructors at the Collège and she heartily recommends The Early Childhood Educator program. “What I like about the instructors at Collège de l'Île is that they’ve spent years working in the field and are very knowledgeable about day-to-day reality in the profession. I recommend the program because if you choose this profession the program will really meet your needs. You will truly become an effective educator.”

During the 2015-2016 academic year, Collège de l'Île will present all of its programs and trainings through testimonials from its instructors, current students and recent graduates. Short videos only a few minutes in length have also been prepared to round out the campaign.

The Collège is pleased to present its Early Childhood Educator program and invites you to view the related video, which says so much more about the program. 

To get more details on the Early Childhood Educator program or to register, contact Christine Arsenault at 902-854-3010, extension 241, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or consult the Collège’s website www.collegedelile.ca.

You can view the videos for the other programs on Collège de l'Île’s YouTube account.

Collège de l'Île is the only postsecondary French-language institution in Prince Edward Island. With three learning centres in DeBlois, Wellington and Charlottetown, the College offers regular programs, customized training and training based on labour market needs. It offers a stimulating, student-focused learning environment that uses cutting-edge technology.

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